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Like any tool, computers can fail mechanically or electrically, and they can also become obsolete. But that doesn't necessarily mean you need to invest in a new computer. Contact CompuPane to evaluate the condition of your computer and other hardware. It may be that with a repair or inexpensive upgrade, your technology can deliver much-improved performance and give you the ability to run the latest software. That can save you money and inconvenience. We have the expertise to diagnose and repair problems with your computer's motherboard and other mechanical or electrical systems, or even something as simple as a key that has popped off your laptop.

However, if you decide it makes more sense from an economic or technological standpoint to replace your computer or network hardware with a new unit, we can make the transition quick, easy, and as cost-effective as possible. You'll receive dependable consultation services to identify, procure, and install a system that meets all your needs, including saving time and money. Your new computer or small home or office network will be configured provide maximum ease of use with minimum downtime. Get all your questions and concerns answered promptly and courteously, so you'll rest assured during and after the process. And, if your system ever needs service or maintenance, you'll have a familiar face to call on – and one you know is familiar with your system.


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